Core Skills Courses In Essex

At Training Courses Essex we regularly have enquiries regarding our core skills courses due to the increasing number of individuals looking to go to university. We have courses ranging in skill level from beginner to advanced allowing you increase you knowledge on these core skills. So whether you are looking for an English course of fancy yourself as mathematician we have a course for you.

The Five Core Skills

Core skills can be broken down into 5 Skills, English, Number, Digital, Problem Solving and Employability skills. English skills are things such as reading and writing, not just on a professional basis but also the basics of structuring sentences. Number Skills is your ability to add up numbers on a basic and advanced level, these can vary depending on your job role. Digital Skills is becoming a more popular one because of the sheer amount of companies looking for computer skills. Problem solving is a common trait that employers look for because of someones ability to look at a problem and know the best way to rectify it. Employability skills are vital when it comes to getting a job, the basics of the workplace are things such as holding conversations, meetings, working on problems and knowing how to work in a team. Employability skills combine all other skills into one main skill covering all the basics in core skills.


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Core Skills Courses Available

English Courses

Are you looking to improve your English skills? Perhaps you need to learn how to write better? At Training Courses Essex we have a range of courses available for all skill levels from beginner to expert.

Employability Courses

Do you need help getting a job? Sometimes it’s not just knowing about a subject but rather the basics of what an employee looks like. A ever growing course, learning employability skills can help to increase your chance of getting a job.

More Coming Soon

We are always expanding our course range, allowing you to find the perfect course for you. If you cannot find what you are looking for, simply use the form adjacent, and we will get back you asap.

Maths Courses

Whether you need to learn complex calculations or just the basics, at Training Courses Essex we can help you find a course to suit your skill level. With many to choose from and many date/time options contact us now if you want us to help.

Science Courses

Do you need a science qualification to get that dream job? Or perhaps you need to complete a course to get into university. Well look no further through Training Courses Essex we can help you find an ideal course for you.

Core Skills Training Courses

Was looking for a quick way to get on a core skills course, Training Courses Essex was perfect!

- James Swane

Thurrock, Essex

I was looking to update my Digital Skills are through Training Courses Essex, I could do just that!

- Simon Reading

Basildon, Essex

I needed to learn better English, I took a English core skill course and It was the best thing i have ever done!

- Vladimir Ivanov

Grays, Essex

Increasing your Core Skills with the help for a course!

With Training Courses Essex we can help you get yourself on the right track. Helping you with your problem solving skills to basic numeracy, with a range of benefits ensuring your core skills are up to scratch can mean the world of difference.

English Skills

English skills cover both oral and written communication, ensuring you can both hold a sentence and write one. Whether you are looking to write an email or write a 40 page legal document, these English courses can really help!


Number Skills

Number skills range from looking at statistics to basic multiplication, these numeracy courses vary in skill level and overall goals, with many based upon what you want to learn. Take a look at the course above to learn more about what a numeracy skill can do for you!


Digital Skills

The digital landscape is a vast place with many systems and software to learn but many of them work on the same basic principles. A digital skills course can really help when it comes to learning new systems in your future workplaces, why not take a look at what they can do for you!

Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving isn’t as straight forward building blocks, but these things need to be built up over time. With a problem solving course you can really learn how to solve some of those basic problems, putting you knowledge to good use.


Employability Skills

When looking for a job, employability skills are some of the basics you need to exceed in the workplace. Through critical thinking to planning and organisation, why not take a look at the employability skills courses available.

Just need to brush up on the basics?

We have a range of courses that will go over the basics of these skills, helping you to brush up on many of the vital parts of these basics.

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